How to choose a rear wheel that fits your active wheelchair?

The development of material engineering and manufacturing technology allows us to construct not only products that meet the buyer’s needs, but also reliable, lightweight, ergonomic and safe products. The ability to reflect the user’s individual characteristics through appropriate product design is becoming increasingly important. This also applies to the rehabilitation industry, and especially to users […]

Omobic @ The Polish Wheelchair Rugby Championship

The Polish International Wheelchair Rugby Championship and the Polish WR 5’s Cup concluded recently.  Both tournaments delivered intense and thrilling games, providing plenty of excitement for players and fans alike. It was truly a memorable event! Hosted at the Arena Gliwice, the Polish International Championship was the final tournament of the season, determining the league’s […]

Meet Claire Lomas – Our 1st Omobic Ambassador

Claire Lomas

Claire had a career as a chiropractor and she had just reached the highest level in the sport of eventing, when a collision with a tree in 2007 left her with catastrophic injuries. She dislocated her spine, fractured her neck and ribs, punctured a lung and was fighting for her life in intensive care.  The […]

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