Omobic @ The Polish Wheelchair Rugby Championship

The Polish International Wheelchair Rugby Championship and the Polish WR 5’s Cup concluded recently.  Both tournaments delivered intense and thrilling games, providing plenty of excitement for players and fans alike. It was truly a memorable event!

Hosted at the Arena Gliwice, the Polish International Championship was the final tournament of the season, determining the league’s winning team. Ten teams from Poland, the Czech Republic, and Sweden competed in this event.

In contrast, the Polish WR 5’s Cup was a new addition to the competition lineup, featuring games with five players on each side. This format allows participants with various levels of physical disabilities to play, promoting inclusivity and the growth of wheelchair rugby in Poland.

Players from the Polish Wheelchair Rugby Federation use the OMOBIC Tensio Haka Attack/Defence for their games. An MBL technical team was on hand for the two days of competition to address any technical issues and support the teams with servicing.

MBL & OMOBIC takes pride in our partnership with the Polish Wheelchair Rugby Union, contributing to the advancement of wheelchair rugby and encouraging physical activity among people with disabilities in Poland.

We are also thrilled to announce that, as a culmination of our collaboration with the Polish Wheelchair Rugby Association, we received the PARTNER OF PZRNW AWARD.  We look forward to continuing our support of the PZRNW and working with them to continue developing products that improve their performance.

PZRNW – Polish Wheelchair Rugby Association

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