25″ OMOBIC Nova Handrim Black

The OMOBIC NOVA handrim is designed to enhance the performance and comfort of self-propelling for active wheelchair users. Its silicone anti-slip insert is a key feature, significantly improving grip and facilitating smoother manoeuvrability, particularly on uneven terrain.

Additionally, the smooth black hard-anodised aluminium sides play a crucial role in minimising frictional heat, which tends to arise during braking. This reduction in heat ensures a more comfortable experience for the user, enhancing overall usability.

The OMOBIC Nova handrim’s 6 tab fitting design ensures compatibility with a wide range of high-end wheelchair wheels, making it a versatile and practical choice for wheelchair users seeking enhanced mobility and ease of use.

£114.99 Ex. VAT (£137.99 inc. VAT)

Product specifications
6 Tab

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