24″ OMOBIC Voyager FAT Wheel

The OMOBIC Voyager FAT wheel stands as the ultimate solution for active wheelchair users seeking unparalleled versatility. Engineered to excel in any environment, from rugged off-road terrain to sandy beaches, dense forests, and challenging trails, it’s designed to conquer all conditions, irrespective of weather. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the OMOBIC Voyager FAT wheel boasts a robust construction built around a 507mm rim, complemented by an offset hub configuration that ensures optimal clearance from the wheelchair’s side. This design facilitates seamless manoeuvrability, allowing users to navigate tight spaces with ease. At its core lies the Schwalbe Crazy Bob tyre, renowned for its wrap-around tread crafted from Schwalbe’s high-performance off-road racing compound. This specialized tyre not only enhances grip and traction but also delivers exceptional durability, capable of withstanding the rigors of extended off-road use. Whether you’re venturing through rough terrain, sandy shores, dense woodlands, or challenging trails, the OMOBIC Voyager FAT wheel is your steadfast companion, offering unparalleled performance and reliability. It empowers active wheelchair users to explore the outdoors with confidence, making every adventure an unforgettable experience.

£299.99 Ex. VAT (£359.99 inc. VAT)

Product specifications
Hub dimension:
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