24″ OMOBIC Simi Handrim Black

The ergonomic OMOBIC Simi handrim is specifically designed to cater to users with full or slightly reduced hand strength, offering both comfort and functionality.

With its large surface area and well-fitted shape, it provides a secure grip and ease of use ensuring optimal hand positioning and support.

At the top, it features an anti-slip silicone insert made from environmentally friendly food-grade silicone, which strikes the balance between providing excellent grip without being overly sticky. This ensures users can maintain control without discomfort or residue.

The OMOBIC Simi handrim’s 6 tab fitting design ensures compatibility with a wide range of high-end wheelchair wheels, and is available in two surface treatment options: black hard anodised or shiny silver anodised, giving users a choice that suits their preferences or complements their wheelchair aesthetics.

£124.99 Ex. VAT (£149.99 inc. VAT)

Product specifications
6 Tab

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