24″ OMOBIC Daylite Wheel

The OMOBIC Daylite wheel offers an ideal solution for those seeking an affordable upgrade for their active wheelchair. Its sleek minimalist hub design adds a stylish touch, while its lightweight construction, weighing just 1120 grams in total (including tyre, tube, and handrim), ensures that it won’t compromise the chair’s performance. Featuring a silver aluminium handrim and a 1″ Omobic Speedlite tyre, the Daylite wheel comes fully assembled and ready to install in ½” bearing format. A 12mm bearing version is available upon request. Whether you’re looking to enhance the aesthetics or functionality of your wheelchair, the OMOBIC Daylite wheel provides a cost-effective and attractive option for users seeking an upgrade.

£169.99 Ex. VAT (£203.99 inc. VAT)

Product specifications
Hub dimension:
Max Load:

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