24″ OMOBIC Challenger Wheel

The Omobic Challenger wheel is specifically engineered for users who frequently navigate demanding terrains. Designed as a direct replacement for standard 24″ (540mm) wheels, it offers exceptional strength and durability, ensuring reliable performance in challenging conditions.

Crafted on a 507mm rim with a 10mm offset high-flange hub, this wheel provides ample space away from the chair side, facilitating easy installation without the need for brake adjustments. Complete with a black anodized handrim and fitted with an Innova off-road tyre for superior grip, the OMOBIC Challenger wheel is a must for active users encountering bumpy and challenging surfaces.

OMOBIC Challenger wheels are fitted with ½” bearings as standard, a 12mm bearing version is available upon request.

£169.99 Ex. VAT (£203.99 inc. VAT)

Product specifications
Hub dimension:
Max Load:

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